Drop-in restrictions for Felipe series

Update 10/23: Those interested in dropping in for the intermediate series should email stanfordtangoclub@gmail.com to see if there is room. If you show up at the door without receiving a confirmation, we may (probably) turn you away.  We apologize for the inconvienence but would like everyone to have a fun experience in class, which requires having sufficient space. 

As you know, classes with Felipe and Ayano have been very full. Normally, we see more attendance drop-off by the second week, but pretty much everybody came back – a credit to our amazing teachers! We would like to give you a great learning experience, while at the same time being fair to people that would like to take classes. To that end, we’re going to make a few changes starting this week.

Fundamentals Series: due to the size of the class, we are no longer allowing drop-ins. However, if you have already taken a beginner class and would like to register for the series, please e-mail us stanfordtangoclub@gmail.com . We’ll do our best to make it possible for you to join.

Just to note, we have extra leaders in the Fundamentals class. Leaders that would like to register for the series should be prepared to switch roles. We talked to Felipe, and he strongly encouraged us to keep the class open to additional leaders. Leaders, let’s all do a great job working together. Followers, let’s rotate to all of our leaders, so they can learn and improve. Felipe and Ayano will look out to make sure we all have partners.

Intermediate Series: we will allow a limited number of drop-ins, subject to space and role balance. We will allow anyone who wants to register for the series to do so. If you would like to register for the series, please e-mail us at stanfordtangoclub@gmail.com . In future weeks, we’ll look at attendance to see if we can re-open the class for unlimited drop-ins.

If you have questions or a special situation, feel free to write us atstanfordtangoclub@gmail.com . We’ll do what we can to try and help!