Stanford Tango Club Performance Team


El Centro

El Centro Chicano y Latino Holiday Dinner

We started a performance team in Fall 2014, led by Jenny, who graduated in Winter 2015 (good for her, sad for us).  We had three performances in Fall 2014, at Arrillaga Nights, at El Centro Chicano y Latino Holiday Dinner, and at CoHo.  In the Winter of 2015 we had one performance at Arrillaga Nights.  Chelsea has taken over her duties as performance team leader and so far for the Spring 2015 we have one performance scheduled at Arrillaga Nights.


— Students only. We practice and performance at some venues that are only open to students

— We have about 1 to 2 practices/month.  These are guided practicas to provide time for you to work with your partners dancing specific music.  This year we will also have some performance specific lessons.

— If you cannot come to the practices, you should present an alternative practice schedule that allows you to practice with your partner outside of practice.

— The majority of the performance time is spent doing improvised dancing, so practicing outside of the official practice sessions is also required.  This can include going to milongas and or attending the Stanford tango club lessons.

— All levels welcome.  Our past performance team leader danced for one week before joining. She has been an excellent, exemplary participant!  We also have performances who have been dancing for 5+ years.  We truly are open to interested participants of all levels. There are no auditions; interest is enough.

In Spring 2015, we are accepting new members! Email or talk to us at our events 

We are also interested in performing at your building! Email