General Class Notes

Notes on Attending

  • Beginners are welcome – absolutely NO dance experience necessary
  • No partner required, though we encourage you to bring friends!

Please note that we encourage our intermediate dancers to attend the beginners’ class as well.

If you’re not on it, sign up for the Stanford Tango Club listserv. This is the best way for us to send you location or other updates in a timely manner.  You can also visit our Facebook page.


  • Wear shoes that will stay on your feet and have flexible, non-sticky soles that allow you to pivot. Leather or suede soles are best.
  • Latin ballroom shoes, character shoes, and jazz shoes are all great practice shoes for tango.
  • Do not wear flip-flops, sling-backs, clogs, and strapless slip-ons.
  • You can convert a pair of sneakers to pretty good dance shoes by putting moleskin (or even duct tape!) on the soles.
  • For your first few lessons, you can even dance in socks!
  • Please do NOT use powder on your shoes. The custodians may fine us if you do.

What Level Am I?

Most people take two or three beginner series before taking intermediate, or take both the lower and upper level series at the same time as they transition between levels.  Again, if you’re taking both series we will offer them to you at a reduced price.

To feel comfortable in the intermediate class, you should be able to lead or follow the following:

  • Walking in parallel and crossed system
  • Follower’s cross
  • Back and forward ochos
  • Ocho cortado
  • Half turn to the left/right
  • Full turn to the left/right (giro/molinete)

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on classes.