Milonga + Classes with Guillermo Garcia on Friday, March 10


Come join us for our winter quarter milonga! We will have two classes taught by Guillermo Garcia (of Trio Garufa) that explore the milonga rhythm of the tango family. Afterwards, we will have our quarterly milonga with snacks and refreshments.

See Guillermo dancing here:

Black Community Services Center

7:00 – 8:00 PM Milonga technique and steps
8:00 – 9:00 PM Musicality: structure of milonga music and movement quality
9:00 – 12 AM: Winter Quarter Milonga (DJ Sri)
Classes are suitable for all tango levels and no partner is required; see descriptions below.

Stanford affiliates:
$8 One class + milonga
$15 Both classes + milonga
$8 Milonga only*

Non-Stanford affiliates:
$12 One class + milonga
$20 Both classes + milonga
$10 Milonga only*

*If you take either pre-milonga class or have purchased our current six-week winter series, you can come to the milonga for free!

First class: “Technique and steps”

In this class we will work on a few technique principles that are essential for followers and leaders to create the “milonga feel”. We’ll look at how to dance rhythmically and effortlessly at the same time. Rhythmic (“milonga traspié”) and smooth (“milonga lisa”) steps will be introduced. The goal of this class is to set the foundation for a calm, non-hectic, yet rhythmic approach to interpreting the fast milonga beat.

Second class: “Musicality: structure of milonga music and movement quality”

The milonga dance is most fun when the movement fits the general structure of a milonga song. This is key to avoid the frequent “senseless workout” experience when dancing milonga. In this class we will place milonga in the big picture of Argentina’s music, explain how a typical milonga song is divided in parts, and how to musically interpret each part by contrasting movement quality.

Photo Credit: Adrian Mendoza