Wed, March 4: Beginner-to-Intermediate Bridge Workshop with Homer and Cristina


Topic: Beginner-to-intermediate bridge

Are you taking the fundamental class, and thinking about the intermediate class in the Spring? This is the workshop for you. More broadly, if you want to review your foundations, this is the workshop for you.


(1) The Hook Behind the Pivotless Ocho
(2) The Ocho versus the Ocho Cortado

Date: Wednesday, March 4

Timing: 7:45-9:15p (class); 9:15-10:15P (practica)

Cost for 1.5 h workshop
Base cost: $20 community, $12 Stanford affiliates
With 1 discount: $15 community, $7 Stanford affiliates
With both discounts: $13 community, $5 Stanford affiliates
Discounts: 1) Pre-registration and pre-payment (by W Feb 25); 2) Took classes* at Stanford in either Felipe’s Fall 2014 series or Shorey’s Winter 2015 series
* to qualify, you must have dropped in at least twice in Fall 2014 or Winter 2015 or registered for at least one series to qualify


Gradaute Community Center
750 Escondido Road
(adjacent to Ray’s Grill)
Stanford, CA

Parking map below

GCC Parking

Stanford Tango Club Workshops with Sharna Fabiano on Sat Feb 21, 2015: Exploring Tango Performance



Saturday, Feb 21

Check out Sharna’s choreography: “Points of Contact” with Arona Primalani (2008)
Her MFA dance thesis (UCLA):
Her improvised Stanford performance with Aja (2011):


Dance your creativity

1. What is the difference between tango “social dance” and tango “performance?”
2. Are there special moves just for performance? And is social dance, itself, a kind of performance?
3. When do you improvise and when do you choreograph?

In this unique pair of workshops, we’ll attempt to shed light on these sometimes confusing questions by shifting the variables of space, time and energy in our own dancing, and by exploring the relationship between performer and spectator in the same way that we might focus on that of leader and follower. The majority of our time will be spent dancing, but each session will include a small amount of video presentation as a way to deepen our understanding of performance possibilities. You will utilize your own existing tango repertoire as well as learn a few new elements. There are no pre-requisites. This course is for all levels with partners optional. Attending both sessions is strongly recommended as they will reinforce each other thematically.


3:15-4:45p Workshop 1 Improvising
5:15-6:45p Workshop 2 Choreographing
8:30-12:00 Milonga (social dance party)
@ Black Community Services Center, Stanford


Affiliates: $10/ workshop, $15/ 2 workshop
Community: $25/workshop, $40/ 2 workshop
milonga: $5/affiliates, $10/community, $0 with workshop(s)


Black Commuity Services Center, Stanford, CA (at intersection of Lomita Dr and Santa Teresa Str)

GCC Parking

Most places are OK to park on the weekends, but check the signs. Make sure to put “Stanford” as the city in your GPS.

About Sharna

1. Visiting from LA

2. Teaches at UCLA and Oxygen Tango

Shana holds an MFA in Dance and has been involved with tango in all kinds of ways since 1997. She toured with the acclaimed all-woman company TangoMujer, based in NYC, from 2003-2006, and directed her own company, Sharna Fabiano Tango, in Washington, DC between 2006-2010. Her choreographic work explores the tango tradition as it intersects with other dance and theater disciplines. She has created both improvised and choreographed tangos, tangos that turn upside down, tangos with objects and furniture, solo tangos, invisible tangos, silent tangos, and tangos in disguise. She currently lives in Los Angeles where she teaches in the Departments of Theater and World Arts and Cultures/Dance at UCLA and at Oxygen Tango. More at

Stanford Tango Club Officer and Volunteering Options

The following flow chart shows the organization of STC, and the approximate turnover dates for new officer positions. Some positions may turn over sooner if there is an interested officer. We have 1 immediate officer vacancy with additional vacancies starting at the end of the quarter. In addition to officers, we need general volunteers. Min volunteering committement is 30 min at 1 event, and volunteering does not interfere with taking class. Perks of volunteering include free event.

Flow ChartStudents: To become more involved as a volunteer/officer, email or talk to us at one of our events!

Stanford Tango Club Pages Winter 2015

Click on the following links to be redirected:

7 week progressive series on Wednedsdays with Shorey Myers (Jan 14-Feb 25)

Workshops with Sharna on Performance Tango + Milonga on Saturday 02/21/2015

Beginner-to-intermediate bridge workshiop with Homer&Cristina on  Wednesday 03/04/2015

Workshops with Felipe Martinez + Milonga on Saturday 01/17/2015

Memerbship and Friendship

Students, also see Performance Team Participation and Volunteering + Officer Options

Becoming a Member or Friend of Stanford Tango Club

We’d like to add another opportunity to connect with us:  membership for Stanford affiliates, and friendship for community members!

Perks of membership/friendship
–  Stanford Tango Club crew neck T-shirt (ladies, tall and unisex sizing available)
–  CD with tango music
–  free milongas (at least four this year)
–  automatic entrance into a raffle for a 1h semi-private lesson (4 leaders, 4 followers in semi-private)

Membership (affiliates): $15 (note milongas cost at least $20 over two quarters)
Friendship (community): $40 (note milongas cost at least $40 over two quarters)

T-shirt design contest

The t-shirts will contain a logo under the words “Stanford Tango.” Help us design the logo! If your design is selected, you get free membership/friendship. To enter contest, email

Stanford Tango Club Performance Team


El Centro

El Centro Chicano y Latino Holiday Dinner

We started a performance team in Fall 2015, led by Jenny, who is graduating in Spring 2015 (good for her, sad for us). We had three performances in Fall 2015, at Arrillaga Nights, at El Centro Chicano y Latino Holiday Dinner, and at CoHo.


– Students only. We practice and performance at some venues that are only open to students

– We have about 1 practice/month, where we practice dancing specific music and add a bit of choreography at specific musical moments. The majority of the performance time is spent doing improvised dancing, so practicing outside of the official practice sessions is also required. We have informal, individual practice plans (example: going to the classes & to the practicas between the intermediate and beginner classes; example 2: going to our milongas and practicing at off campus venues).

All levels welcome. Our performance team leader danced for one week before joining. She has been an excellent, exemplary participant! We also have performances who have been dancing for 5+ years. We truly are open to interested particpants of all levels. There are no auditions; interest is enough.

In Winter 2015, we are accepting new members and seeking a new performance team leader! Email or talk to us at our events 

We are also interested in performing at your building! Email 

Workshops with Felipe and Ayano Saturday 01/17/15 + Milonga

Felipe Tango 2014

Felipe and Ayano will teach workshops on Saturday 01/17/2015. We will also have a milonga.


3:30-5p workshop 1 “Movements with a feell-good swing: Cadencias in close embrace”
5:30-7p workshop 2 “The secrets of turns: Structure, timing and technique”
8:30-12a milonga DJ Onur

Affiliates*: $10/ 1 workshop; $20/ both; $5 milonga
Community*: $30/ 1 workshop; $50/ both; $10 milonga
*Free milonga if taking at least one workshop
Note: We do not accept credit cards. Cash and check OK.


Black Community Services Center, 424 Santa Teresa Ave, Stanford CA.

Black Community Services Center

Parking map:
Please put Stanford as the city in your GPS. Please check parking signs. Most places are OK to park in on weekends.


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